AFY Suction Black Black Black Black Cream Mask on Tannies

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AFY Suction Black Mask Black Mask is a competitor to the black creamer version of BlackHead Pore Mask, which we reviewed in the previous entry.

Continuing the tradition of masks for skin imperfections, this one also had to fly to me almost a month. An unprotected version has reached me for a terribly long time and that's what happened to me. Pity. It is true that only the box gets stuck and this has no influence on the use of the product, but others got it in a nice "protector".

Let's proceed to product review. Well, that's not what it looks like in the photo. There, he has a nice AFY inscription and generally more text in human language (English). In fact, I have everything described in Chinese J. Chinese. By opening the box in the hope of seeing the paper instructions or any leaflet, you may also experience disappointment. There is nothing but a cream tube.

The cream itself and its task can be read in the previous review to which the link was placed above.

Knowing what to expect and how to approach the correct use of this mask (extension of pores by making a sausage), I decided to completely pour it down and after a shower apply the mask to the test site - nose. Encouraged by the opinions of others who recommend a much stronger effect of the tube version of the mask, I decided that it should have anyway a good effect without extending the pores. Did this happen? About this in a moment....

After unscrewing the nut, we see a small piece of seal, which is a nice surprise. We have at least some guarantee that no one used this product before us (taaa, clear), and that it remained fresh until the first opening. After removing the sealant, the liquid started to gently pour out. The texture is slightly different from the sachet version. Here it is more smolist, spreads like a mucus. This is good because it doesn't run off the body and covers the surfaces well. It succeeds just as quickly. However, the colour is mixed. Together with the tube, you can get a black mud and sometimes a greyish, transparent one. I cannot define the meaning and whether it should be that way. Perhaps not everything is thoroughly mixed up, and the post office staff were not throwing the mail too lightly. The fragrance is very pleasant, reminiscent of a blossom notes with typical Nivea creams. It's hard to define.

Let us finally move on to action. In fact, the tube version is much stronger. Although it does not have the same skin tightening effect as BlackHead Pore Mask and cooling, AFY does not get away from the skin much more difficult after drying. I would even say that it is more painful. However, this has its advantage. Actually she pulls out black hair. Not all of them, these deep and stubborn ones, without making a sausage, he omitted, but the "looser" ones he pulled without any problems. This means nothing more than confirming effectiveness.

Definitely after detaching and removing AFY residues from the body, this place should be treated with a moisturizing cream. It does not cause allergy, but personally, my nose was itching me for around 30 minutes after the mask was detached. However, it is not reddened and shows no signs of sensitisation or irritation. On the contrary, it is smoother to the touch.

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